21 July 2006

Huangyangtan - Family reaction / media reaction

My daughter and wife are actually out of town this week, they're missing out on the action. Called to see how they're doing. Wife's reaction: Yes, but how is your business coming along? Daughter: Wow! Can we buy a copy of the Sydney newspaper? Maybe you'll become a spy and some money will come out of this and we can finally get a pony! (Answers: Sydney paper hard to find here in Germany, likelihood that anybody will donate anything is very slim, and those few dollars that trickle in will have to go into showing your mother that a 2 GB RAM upgrade was the smartest thing in the world)

As mentioned earlier, the Sydney newspaper is one of the places that has picked up on the forum find. They have their own blog going on, pretty funny, even if the Australian sense of humor is, well, sometimes rather Australian.

Der Spiegel in Germany ran a short spot on it, got a couple of facts wrong. That's Der Spiegel for you.

The Register (UK) seems to have gotten the chatter starting:

According to Technorati 70 blogs have something to say about the scale-model landscape.

How would I describe the experience at this particular moment? Still hot, even at 23:00 h. 29 C / 84 F in the apartment. I moved the refrigerator next to my desk here and keep its door open, but it doesn't seem to help much other than make the yogurt more accessible.


At 21 July, 2006 23:06, Blogger sanyangshu said...

how nice to be found in China ...

i wish you all the best ...


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