23 July 2006

Huangyangtan - The Movie

By popular request I have published the low-res, hard-to-see-anything movie about Huangyangtan at (where else) YouTube:

Perhaps it will serve to draw a younger audience to Google Earth, one that has shifted from watching television all day to watching random video clips all day. They could, uh, start looking at random places on the Earth all day.


At 14 August, 2006 18:38, Blogger Sun Bin said...

your beginning statement is not quite true. :)

while there is border dispute in the area. China got there a lot earlier than 1962. It built the highway before 1959.
prior to that, basically nobody visited the area deal to the tough climatic conditions.

see here US Naval College report
"...As noted above, the various border claims within the Aksai Chin area are complex. And while China and India dis-puted the border on two fronts (east in NEFA and west in Aksai Chin, this western border was especially significant, for China had built a military highway--to link Sinkiang and Tibet--here in 1956-57; Peking was adamant in retaining her
right to this land. However, China would eventually readily
surrender her claims in North East Frontier Agency.
Until the 19th Certury, the desolate highlands of Aksai Chin were rarely visited or explored; no major migrations or invasions crossed the Karakoram Range. Until the middle of that century, there was a general understanding that the Kara-koram Range separated areas traditionally Indian and Chinese, although no specific attempt was made to demark a boundary....."

p.s. great find on HYT, thanks.

At 14 August, 2006 18:49, Blogger Sun Bin said...

(according to the same report, china began building the higway in march 1956)


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