14 August 2006

Australians posing as Texans - Pony alert

Hmm, a certain Gary claiming to be not Australian but rather Texan (I'll let both of my readers decide on that), has brought to my attention a recent article in the San Francisco Gate; refer to his comment about 2 posts down from here. No, no hard facts presented here. It's a commentary on how news makes the round. Jon even writes about me. Thanks Jon, for not slaughtering KenGrok.

Pony Alert - Daughter has been observing the minor hoopla (sp?) around the Huangyangtan news. I have been using it as an educational experience for her, introducing her to how forums work, what purpose blogs serve and how they differ from mainstream media, etc. We've spoken about online advertising and click rates. And more importantly, about business models. Stephen in the SMH mentioned, at the very end of his "I Discovered KenGrok" article that my daughter has been motivated by my success at attracting contributions (now I'm really ROTFLOL) to set up her own blog. So we did it, rather than me stalling with "Well, wait a minute, first you have to think about A, then B, then you have to do this an that, and so forth an so on" : http://nataliespony.blogspot.com/.

Anybody looking at said blog is going to say to themselves "Geez, this idea looks like it was cooked up by a 10-year old!". The answer to that is, "Yes." Yes, dear reader, 10-year old Natalie is going to discover that though only a few drunks might be willing to help placate my wife, even fewer are going to PayPal one of 40 kazillion pony-loving little girls enough cash to buy her dream horse (much less get a pair of riding boots). So over the next couple of years we'll fine tune that blog to the point that the a few donations will, in fact, roll in, during which time she will have done enough odd jobs for neighbors (plus woven enough oriental carpets at the loom I'll set up for her) to pay for the horse herself. But she will have learned a lot, too, about the web.


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