03 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Huffington and ABC

Thanks for the feedback, david dark, Cracked.Actor, and 3 x Anonymous. I liked the ABC article; they got a number of knowledgeable people to give their analysis on the Huangyangtan site.

In the past 3 hours, roughly the time between when Wife told me to make a salad and garlic bread to go with dinner (we have some friends from Munich staying with us) and washing up afterwards, roughly 3000 people viewed the YouTube video. Man, I wish the clip wasn't so lousy. People are probably saying, "That KenGrok knows how to find stuff in China, but he sure makes low-quality movies". Well, it's true. The compression is the main problem.

Oh, dear reader, please don't forget; Wife thinks I should should be doing something constructive rather than sitting here at the computer. Don't forget to make your PayPal donation to FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com, so that she and other Wives around the world will agree that sitting at a computer is doing something constructive.


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