05 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Turkey time!

Thanks for the heads-up from ChickenSwitch, a Google Earth forum member here in Germany; the Huangyangtan news was in Hurriyet, the Turkish news source. It was online, I don't know if was in the print version (the newspaper). Did any of my Turk readers see it there, too? My Turkish, like my Croatian, is a bit rusty. The report appears to be based on the ABC article, though it appears to throw in some extra things, which I recognize by the words "Big Ben" and "KGB". Hmm, I wonder if they know more than the rest of us.

Our friends from Munich are back home now, we have a new visitor who will hopefully stay longer; Daughter had us set her up with a fishbowl and two guppies. We spoke for months about the need for a full-blown aquarium with filters, heaters, etc. But she didn't want that, and Wife said she had a simple fishbowl when she was young and the Betta splendors survived four years of that. So I was outvoted, even if this will turn my daughter into a FISH MURDERER.


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