14 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Schnitzel history

Sun Bin, the schnitzel is history. I ate it. Daughter and I washed the dishes afterwards, put a post on her own blog*, then finished up by reading another chapter from "These Happy Golden Years", the eighth book in the Little House on the Prairie series (we read the part where Mary comes home to De Smet to visit after her first year of college for the blind).

Lisa E., one of my long-term readers (long-term is relative for this blog; she's been a fan for roughly 1 hour 5 minutes) asked about Wife's schnitzel recipe. Here you go, compliments of FoundInChina:

- Go to the freezer, pull out three frozen hunks of pre-breaded schnitzel obtained previously from your local Aldi supermarket.
- Put them in a pan in a pool of cooking oil, at a temperature somewhere between Barely Warm and Scorch (3 or 4 on our old stove's dial, 3 being not enough and 4 leading consistently to burnt dinners)
- Peel a bunch of potatoes, boil them for however long it takes.

I bit complicated I know, but well worth the effort. If you're ever in our undisclosed location, Lisa E., feel free to grab some chives from our balcony to garnish the potatoes; I don't know whether they have any there in Salt Lake City.

* Oh, yeah, Daughter's blog. She got her first contribution today, from a kindly reader. Along with a PayPal donation from her grandparents (Yo! A big shout out to S & J) Daughter has now exceeded FoundInChina's income. Perhaps I should convert my approach to "Save The Wild Ponies of Huangyangtan".

Jon, from the S.F. Gate, wrote back a short message to me that he enjoyed writing today's column. I hope he checks back here sometime; there's a free schnitzel recipe.

Hmm, looking at the above I think it would be better if I just call it a day. Gute Nacht, liebe Leser.


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