07 October 2006

Incredibly stupid Huangyangtan video lives again

That extremely low-quality, poorly-conceived, information-poor, smelling-of-mildew video that I threw together for fun at the beginning of the Huangyangtan Thing has been getting a lot of views during the past week. But I can't figure out why. For a long time about 25 - 30 people a day had been looking at it, so few that it wasn't worth tracking. Last I saw about 17,100 people had looked at it. Now that number is going up daily by around 500 (as of right now it stands at 20,674). Perhaps a bored world has finished watching YouTube's other 473,600,792 videos and this was the last one left. So again, I have to ask Found in China readers, in particular new ones, if you know of any reason for the increase.


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