22 September 2006

Hamster invaded - Close but not close enough

I know everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for more hamster-oriented news, so here you go:

Wife took Daughter to the pet store yesterday, where former had seen a cute white hamster. They got it, brought it home, and after about one hour they noticed that it was the host to numerous tiny red insects, blood-red to be exact. The internet informed us that Lil' Sweetie-Pie had mites. Thus it was off to the vet, the shortest time we've had a new pet before having to take it in for something. Schnückelchen got sprayed and was banished to our balcony overnight. Things seem to be OK now. Yup, that's exactly what we were warned would happen. My new motto is "Get your hamsters only from breeders certified by the International Hamster Association".


Just the other day someone at the Google Earth forum wrote in a post that he had recently been in the vicinity of the Huangyangtan facility, unfortunately before knowing it was there. I got in touch with him and we spoke for a bit. There's not much that can help to solve the exact function of the terrain. But perhaps he'll add some more comments about his experience there.


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