21 September 2006

Imminent hamster invasion - News from Scotland

The KenGrok family will soon have a new arrival; Daughter wants to get a hamster by this weekend. She and Wife might do this on the way home from school today. Various hamster sites all recommend getting your new hamster only from a breeder, but I have gone blind from hours spent checking the internet for a hamsterist in our area. Looks like we'll just get one from the nearest pet store. Hope it doesn't turn out to be a sickly, asocial anarchist hamster that nobody else wanted.


The Herald, I guess the main paper in Scotland, published a lengthy article about Google Earth. It contains only one paragraph about the Huangyangtan mystery. Have a look, if you'd like: http://www.theherald.co.uk/features/70354.html. I have also added it to the first-timers guide a few posts down from here.


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