23 July 2006

Huangyangtan - Swimming pool noise pollution II

Yup, there's a water-based decibelfest going on behind the trees. Big swimming pool inauguration party, friends of the family have been invited. Note that most of the friends are loud families, too. I theorize that either the Loud Family sought them out for that quality, or all their quiet friends left them for less accoustically-challenging social circles. I have heard throughout this summer one visiting child who, though as loud as the others, seems a bit weaker than the other brawlers, his most frequent shout is "I demand that you let go of me immediately!". He is here (there, really, but it's as if he were here next to my desk) this evening. Now the children have moved off to the park on the other side of that house, and their shouting, rather than coming into my apartment directly, is coming in as multiple echoes from surrounding buildings. Dolby 5.1 cacophony.

The Huangyangtan movie is now available at YouTube (it took a while before it showed up).


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