15 August 2006

Schnitzel redux - Stats

Lisa E. from S.L.C., if you're still there toughing it out as a Found In China reader, we have something special for you; tonight's dinner! Dedicated to our most stalwart member, we fixed oven-baked schnitzel with "Schupfnudeln" (elongated gnocchi egg-noodle thingies which defy translation).


- Take five 3/8" thick slices of pork, bake them, together with some chopped onions, in Oven-Baked Schnitzel sauce mix from your local grocer
- Brown the schupfnudeln (don't ask me where you're going to get those in Salt Lake) in a pan of butter, alternating the burner dial from 3 to 4 to avoid scorching.
- Pour yourself a nice frosty glass of cloudy wheat beer (unless you are Wife, who gets Pilsner) (unless you are LDS, in which case you get ice water).
OK, between cooking and packing, I thought I'd share a few HYTBuzzStats with everyone, to get a sense for how news moves:
Google Earth forum
Number of reads of the forum post: 56,846
Average readers per hour when it's slow: 25
Average readers per hour at this particular moment (post-surge after being Digged): 210
Maximum readers per hour: 935 (brief surge after Der Spiegel wrote a short piece on Huangyangtan)#
Number of Area 51 experts who don't like Huangyangtan being associated with their turf: lots
Number of blogs mentioning Huangyangtan: anywhere from 50 to 330, depending on which day you ask it. No longer seems 100% reliable
Views of that sorry video I made: roughly 13,000 (YouTube is down for maintenance at this moment)
Google Search
Results on "Huangyangtan": anywhere from 24,600 to 38,900, depending on when you search
This blog
3,686 reads (= 1,842 x both of my readers + 2 reads by Lisa E., the only person publicly admitting to it)
But, in the end, I could care less about the totals and how high they are. It's observing the periods of acceleration and deceleration and their causes which are interesting.


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