17 September 2006

Daughter wants to have a word

You might recall that Daughter started her own blog after seeing the millions of visits I was getting each day here at Found in China. She has had ponyitis for a while now and dreams of getting her own horse someday. Building upon my own business model, Daughter invites her blog visitors to donate large sums of cash to sponsor an otherwise unknown 11-year old Czech-American girl living in Germany, one of millions I suppose, in achieving her goal.

We just finished reviewing our AdSense reports, which I use mostly to show her how many people have read the blog. 45 reads since 31 August. Hmm, not a lot, she realizes. A number of those are from her grandfather and two of her uncles, so total strangers are a bit rare there. She has asked Found in China for some shameless advertising.

So, faithful readers, between reading Found in China and wandering off to take out the trash or something, take a minute to see what Daughter has to say about the world and about horses (no difference, really): http://nataliespony.blogspot.com/


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