12 September 2006

Guppies vs. Hamster - Not dead yet - Renewed interest

With the world's focus focused on the grippingly compelling saga of Huangyangtan, faithful Found in China readers have reminded me: what's the latest with Daughter's fish?

Determined to give a second set of guppies half a chance to survive more than a few weeks, Daughter decided to get a real, albeit small aquarium, with filter, heating, etc. You'll recall that when she saw, however, how much her 50% share would cost her, she realized that this would hinder her in her Quest for a Pony. Since then her fish-oriented emotions have cooled off a fair amount. But, as always since the untimely passing away of our beloved cat Pudlenka, she'd still like a animal-based companion (no, Mom, no sisters are on the way). So it looks like we're going with a hamster. Wife and I feel pretty good about this decision, it will probably work out better than the guppies would have.


By the way, this post is not being written by a RoboBlogger Model 3000. I'm still alive despite having consumed bits of more than 10 species of deadly, murderous mushrooms (cooked with eggs, served on bread). Wife too.


There must have been a mention about the Aksai Chin replica at some minor site somewhere. The HYT-Buzzometer has registered a flutter of increase in interest.


At 14 September, 2006 04:10, Anonymous Verle Ellis said...

Dear Ken,
So glad to learn you survived the mushrooms. I learned about FIC from CommonGround.org, and enjoyed all your posts. Though I have no opinions to offer or information to contribute regarding HYT, I'd like to encourage you to keep blogging. I am hooked.
Verle E.
Tyler, Texas


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