07 October 2006

Beetles vs The Hamster vs the Loud Family

Faithful Found in China readers have asked me what's the latest on the animal life within the KenGrok family. So I asked Daughter and her friend. Seems they were so excited about The Hamster that they forgot to feed the beetles, which were in a container on the friend's balcony. They walked next door and looked in on Edelstein and Bl├╝mchen. If anybody can use two dried-out dung beetles, just post a comment here.

El Hamster is doing fine. It seems to have quickly become hand-tame and enjoys the attention of Daughter. I had to reengineer its excercise wheel so that it would be less noisy during the night. I searched the internet for an answer as to why hamsters like their wheel so much. Seems there's no certain explanation. One theory is that as a nocturnal animal, they are used to covering up to 8 km / 5 miles a night in search of food. Even with food right there in the cage, they still feel the need to take care of the running part. Or they think they're getting away from the Big Humans, totally suprized each time they stop running that the big guys are still there.

The Loud Family? No, haven't mentioned them for a while. They haven't been such a problem the past month or so. Partly because of poor weather preventing the two children from brawling outside. But it appears that they have simply spent less time in their backyard than last year. We and our neighbors think that the backyard has been handed over to the Doberman, with the children controlling the front yard. We still hear the same conversations going on, they're simply not coming directly into our apartments.


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