14 October 2006

Huangyangtan - Bipolar disorder

A week ago 2,000 people a day were looking up the Google Earth forum post. Now it's more like 200. I never did determine the reason for the surge in interest. My mom wrote me an email and reported that, besides being busy processing apples from the neighbor's trees, she is still a faithful reader of this blog. Now clarifies the matter of who the person is that results in my blog not being read by zero readers per day.


Wife gave me some time the other day to look around in Google Earth. I'm browsing around Beijing at the moment. There are a number of things outside of the city that hadn't yet been commented on in the forums. That surprizes me, because I thought that Beijing would be one the most heavily explored areas. Perhaps a bunch of new high-res photos have been added and people are just now getting around to checking them out. In any case, if you want have a look at these things that are kind of interesting:

Giant (70 meters wide) crab in a frozen lake:

A colorful 125-meter wide map of China set in a park:

Some facility with 23 large dish antennae:

Giant hairs clogging the Moselle River (not near Beijing):


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