07 October 2006

Huangyangtan in our hearts and in our minds

Oh, yeah, the surge of activity at the Google Earth forum has continued. About 2,000 people a day are reading the Huangyangtan post. Let me check [KenGrok opens another browser window, goes to the forum]. Yup, it has been read 93,594 times. I think it's mostly people in the U.S. who are looking into this. You can figure that out by clicking on "Who's Online" at the top of the forum page. Right now, for example, only two anonymous readers are looking at the post. All through the week that number would increase to 20 or 30 during the afternoon and into the late evening (Germany time). That would be the morning and afternoon in the U.S., when people are getting into their office and hopping onto the internet for a few hours of "work".

A smaller set of those people ended up visiting Found in China; about 700 people have stopped by during the past 3 days. And, as indicated earlier, one of them actually donated to The Cause! Wow.


At 09 October, 2006 19:24, Anonymous Steve1 said...

Gleetings flom Agadir, Molocco.
We are Watching Mr. Democlatic Infiltlaitor

At 09 October, 2006 19:48, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the Kommamdant of the Kaserne once visited Hamburg (PMEBF)* and was jealous of the Modeleisenbahn in the Speicherstadt. So he 'borrowed' a few millions from his budget to build a bigger one 'fort the honour of China', (and for something to play with on a boring weekends).

*Peaceful Military Exchange Between Friends

Same poster as 'Molocco'


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