24 July 2006

Huangyangtan - Attacked!

With the heatwave here in Germany I have to keep the windows open all night to cool off the inside of the apartment a bit. Magpies live in the cloaking shield (tall pine trees) between us and the Loud Family. Normally they spend their day directly across from me, loitering or whatever magpies do in the tops of the trees . Their curiousity about these open windows at night overcame their mimimal amount of reserve. Looks like they were on the windowsill, poking around at some of our things there. Tomorrow they'll probably be bold enough to make off with the television.

According to
Technorati 154 posts (minus 8 of my own) have brought up the Huangyangtan mystery. Probably most of them are as little read as my own. But I appreciate the interest both of my readers have shown.


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