31 August 2006

Abduction, lunch, murder or suicide?

We're back in Germany now. The first thing Daughter did when she walked into our apartment was to check on the Guppies. She found their habitat had moved into the kitchen. The Guppies are not to be found. That leads us to consider the following very logical possibilities.

1) They have been abducted by the Chinese.
2) The neighbor lady who was supposed to be taking care of them fried them for lunch
3) They were murdered by her or by the Chinese
4) They committed suicide because of discontent with the new scenery

It's early morning, we haven't yet spoken to our neighbor about the matter (nor do we know if she is still alive, perhaps herself a victim of a foul guppy crime).

In any case, I think we'll be heading off later today to the pet store for a couple of RGs (Replacement Guppies).


Checking up on HYT stuff, I see that things are pretty quiet. Technorati reports that a major newspaper here in Germany (Die Zeit) has linked into this blog, I need to see exactly what that means (Ja, hallo an Euch von Der Zeit, ich halt ein Auge auf Euch, bloss kein Unfug). An email from the Beijing correspondent of a different newspaper company says he'd like to speak with me.

More updates later as I catch up on things.


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