21 August 2006

Internet café = Russian mafia

Before this Huangyangtan thing started Wife and I had already chosen to go on a summer vacation somewhere. For some reason she didn't want to cancel our trip just so that both of my readers could follow this blog. So here we are on the island of Gran Canaria. Wife has granted me one hour in this nearby internet café, where my password to my blog has been picked up by a key logger and is already being used by the Russian mafia to make millions of dollars (though they should be commended for being able to accomplish something I will not).

Actually, from what I can tell there's not a whole lot new to report HYT-wise. It appears the GE forum post is being read at a rate of about 1200 times a day, which in my brief experience shows that there have been no new further mentions of the matter in any well-read blogs or news sites, a post-Digg equilibrium if you will.

So, readers 1 and 2, please check back in a few days when I get some more internet time.

Oh, Gran Canaria? The beach is really nice, flat with waves just big enough to make it exciting. When it cools down tonight we're going to go walking on the sand dunes again. Lots of fish dishes at our hotel, no schnitzel even if there are mostly Germans here.


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