01 September 2006

Die Welt - Link to Found In China

I mentioned yesterday that I'd look into Technorati's report that Die Welt in Germany had linked to this blog. It looks like it means only that a link to here was mentioned in their blog. No permanent function directing people here.


Someone asked if we had trouble waking up to multiple alarms at 2:30 a.m. the morning we left for our vacation. No, and we left only 10 minutes later than planned. It helps that there are no speed limits here in Germany: driving 170 kmh / 105 mph cancelled out our late start. Things went smoothly at the airport and we arrived at Gran Canaria without any problems. More later


We didn't get RGs yesterday. We went to the pet store but came away with more things to consider. Looks like we're going to go with a real aquarium (a small one), rather than see how long a fish will survive in a bowl. We informed Daughter that she'll need to pay for half of the cost. That let to a half-hour crying session, because, as you might recalls, she wants to save her money for that pony. In the end she decided to raise the money by selling her old toys and books at this weekend's flea market.


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