06 September 2006

I've finally had enough - Where are you from?

My dedicated readers from earlier on should recall the drama surrounding the Noisy Family. As a special treat, I present today an advance copy of my latest dramatical theatre work, based on true-life events from this afternoon.

A Shortened Afternoon with the Noisy Family
How I Learned to Love Obscenties

[Intro: After an unseasonally cold August the weather is getting hot again, approaching the levels seen in July. The Noisy Family has emerged from the warmth of its domicile and has resumed its sonic presence within the south half of this fair town. We join them after about five minutes]

[Director's note: as always, the concept of this theatre piece requires that the stage curtain of trees remains closed during the performance]

Child 1 or 2: [Loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Long, loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Loud scream]
Child 1 or 2 or possibly the Doberman: [Long, loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Long, loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Something crashing]
Child 1 or 2: [Long, loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Long, loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: [Loud crying]
Child 1 or 2: [Loud scream]
Child 1 or 2: "You simple fool!" ("Du Blödmann!")
Child 1 or 2: [Loud scream]
Probably same child as 2 lines above: "You [obscenity inappropriate for a 3 - 5 year old]!" ("Du A________!")
Mother: "Now I've finally had enough! Now I've finally had enough! [More emphatically] Now I've finally had enough! I wish to be able to ..."
Doberman: [Seismic bark]
Mother: "... for at least 3o minutes"

[Characters repeat the above lines while moving back into the house, sound fades away]

Thus peace was returned after only 2 - 3 minutes. The light is changing and it's clear that fall is on its way, we're enjoying the season. Wife wants to go mushroom picking tomorrow with a friend of hers(I won't touch them for fear of my life), but she has come down with a cold and is despondent that all the good ones will be gone by the time she feels well enough to head out into the woods. But I remind her that the Germans here don't really care about them, that it's only the relatively few Czechs who are gathering this natural bounty. Hopefully she'll recover soon enough.


At this point 30 - 60 readers a day are stopping by to read Found In China. If you're visiting for the first time, I'd appreciate you leaving a comment as to where you came from: where did you hear about this blog?

-- KenGrok


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