23 October 2006

Hamster attack

You might recall that immediately after we had arrived home from buying her at the pet store we found that Bumble, Daughter's hamster, was accompanied by a number of unwanted guests: blood-sucking mites. Now it appears that she brought along another set of unexpected guests. She's pregnant! Daughter and I looked up various hamster sites (like YouHamster, iHamster, MyHamsterSpace, etc.) to see what we'd need to know. First of all it appears that the number of hamsterettes per litter is going to run upward of 40 or so. So we're looking for a new apartment with a couple of additional bedrooms. And "a very young mother hamster, typically one that was born in a pet store and became pregnant there before being sold, has a tendency to destroy its young". Note that "destroy" is a less unpleasant way to say that the kids might get eaten. Daughter does not like this scenario at all.


Huangyangtan? Not much new. About 4,000 people have read the post over in the Google Earth forum since it hit the 100,000 mark a week ago. But there have been no actual developments in discovering what the facility is for.


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