27 July 2006

Huangyangtan - Like a virus

The news about my Huangyangtan find is spreading slowly through the Internet, like a 700 x 900 meter worm digging through decaying leaves and organic matter, looking for a cool ice cream or a mate, while ... hmm, well, that analogy doesn't seem to express it properly. The word "slowly", at least, is applicable. A few stats:

- Technorati says 262 blogs have picked up on the Google Earth discovery
- Searching in Google for "Huangyangtan" gives 36,300 results. Three days ago it stood at 12,500.

I noticed that Freenet.de, an ISP in Germany, has published it in their news portal (
Mysteriƶse Entdeckung bei Google Earth). Under "Paranormal". Hmm, maybe that's where news goes that can't be categorized as relating to either Zidane or Britney Spears.


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Your story is now on digg.com.


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