31 August 2006

Huangyangtan - I'm being followed

Wife, Daughter and I had a wonderful time on Gran Canaria. We spent as much time as possible at the beach. One thing I found rather odd was one particular group of tourists, seemingly the only ones from China. A group of four men, they never got in the water, were always dressed in long-sleeved blue shirts. They always seemed to pick a spot on the beach close to us. Well, says I, nevermind, let them enjoy the wind and water their own way.

Now I suspect that maybe they weren't your run-of-the mill package tourists. While searching the net for HYT news, imagine my surprise today to find this photo of Daughter and the sandcastle we built, courtesy of Xinhua, the Chinese press agency!!!:


Yes, I was totally flabbergasted, as you might very well guess. But Daughter is glad to see a picture of herself. Xinhua: did you get any shots of her in the waves? If so, please forward them to us at FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com so that I don't have to spend so much time looking for them in the Web.


Dear Readers 1 & 2, Lilly and possibly Lisa E., if I didn't scare her away,

Please note that Found In China is made possible by donations from readers like yourself. To be more specific, I think a cease and desist order is coming my way (compliments of Wife) if the time I spend with the Huangyangtan thing doesn't start to pay for that RAM upgrade. Don't forget your charitable why-not PayPal donations to FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com.

OK, enough for the fundraising. I still need to finish a couple of job applications today.


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