19 March 2007

Huangyangtan - Nuthin happening

No, don't get up. There's nothing new to report about the Huangyangtan site. I merely need to log in to Blogger.com once in a while, make sure my blog is still here.

I suppose there's one update on things: the Google Earth forum has been reorganized and my HYT post is now in the "Earth Moderated" forum. I guess that's where some of the more discussable posts are to be found.


What else is new at the KenGrok household? I'm looking for a job in the Czech Republic. You might remember Wife comes from there. She's not real keen on Germany. Since we'll probably have to relocate for whatever job I take, it might as well be to her home country. Daughter is still nuts about horses. That's about all. Later!


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