19 August 2007

Like the last few posts, I'm just checking in to make sure my password still works; no developments on the Huangyangtan thing, other than the fact that it has moved into the 3rd-most read post in the Military forum.

For the thousands of people who read this post, I might mention that I landed a job a few months ago and am now working in the Czech Republic. Goodbye, Noisy Family!


At 02 February, 2009 02:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi from Russia,
how does it come that the old link in the beginning of this blog now shows the actual site only for a second, and than the image is replaced with the view placemarked as "Yinchuan
Ningxia, China" ?
Same happens when trying the link in Wikipedia references.
Do you have a conspiracy explanation for that one, or something went wrong with my Google Earth settings?


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