31 August 2006

Huangyangtan - I'm being followed

Wife, Daughter and I had a wonderful time on Gran Canaria. We spent as much time as possible at the beach. One thing I found rather odd was one particular group of tourists, seemingly the only ones from China. A group of four men, they never got in the water, were always dressed in long-sleeved blue shirts. They always seemed to pick a spot on the beach close to us. Well, says I, nevermind, let them enjoy the wind and water their own way.

Now I suspect that maybe they weren't your run-of-the mill package tourists. While searching the net for HYT news, imagine my surprise today to find this photo of Daughter and the sandcastle we built, courtesy of Xinhua, the Chinese press agency!!!:


Yes, I was totally flabbergasted, as you might very well guess. But Daughter is glad to see a picture of herself. Xinhua: did you get any shots of her in the waves? If so, please forward them to us at FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com so that I don't have to spend so much time looking for them in the Web.


Dear Readers 1 & 2, Lilly and possibly Lisa E., if I didn't scare her away,

Please note that Found In China is made possible by donations from readers like yourself. To be more specific, I think a cease and desist order is coming my way (compliments of Wife) if the time I spend with the Huangyangtan thing doesn't start to pay for that RAM upgrade. Don't forget your charitable why-not PayPal donations to FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com.

OK, enough for the fundraising. I still need to finish a couple of job applications today.

Abduction, lunch, murder or suicide?

We're back in Germany now. The first thing Daughter did when she walked into our apartment was to check on the Guppies. She found their habitat had moved into the kitchen. The Guppies are not to be found. That leads us to consider the following very logical possibilities.

1) They have been abducted by the Chinese.
2) The neighbor lady who was supposed to be taking care of them fried them for lunch
3) They were murdered by her or by the Chinese
4) They committed suicide because of discontent with the new scenery

It's early morning, we haven't yet spoken to our neighbor about the matter (nor do we know if she is still alive, perhaps herself a victim of a foul guppy crime).

In any case, I think we'll be heading off later today to the pet store for a couple of RGs (Replacement Guppies).


Checking up on HYT stuff, I see that things are pretty quiet. Technorati reports that a major newspaper here in Germany (Die Zeit) has linked into this blog, I need to see exactly what that means (Ja, hallo an Euch von Der Zeit, ich halt ein Auge auf Euch, bloss kein Unfug). An email from the Beijing correspondent of a different newspaper company says he'd like to speak with me.

More updates later as I catch up on things.

27 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Please watch your step

OK, I´m back in this internet cafe. Actually it´s a videoarcade with PC´s next to a billiard table and dozens of video games, but at 1 EUR for 20 minutes it´s the cheapest in town. It has only the disadvantage that every mouse click seems to be accompanied by various bells and alarms going off around me in 7.1 Dolby. An online security check via Symantec.com shows there´s no apparent firewall in this system, so I suppose by now my bank account has been emptied by the Russians and my soul is being mass-counterfeited in China somewhere.

It appears the Huangyangtan thing is slowly coming to a close (please watch your step as you exit). Early on one of the forum monitors made the Google Earth forum post a "sticky," thus keeping it at the top or beginning of the Military forum. I guess the idea was to make it easily findable by curious newcomers. A noticed a few days ago that the post has returned to being a normal one, so it´s somewhere further down with all other posts. That seems to have reduced it´s read-rate from about 1100 to 200 a day. That´s interesting to see; I wouldn´t have guessed that a post´s position at the top would attract that many readers. As far as I can judge it´s not common for an individual post to be made a sticky, which is usually reserved for forum-related notices as well as for large, theme-related collections of placemarks.

I'm running out of coins, so I´ll wrap up for now. How are things here on Gran Canaria? Daughter, otherwise rather reserved, is running around with an extremely active and talkative nine-year old German girl she has met in our hotel. When not in the pool they spend a large part of the day loitering in the elevators, waiting to jump out and scare people. They have somehow collected 11 cents from hotel guests for services unknown to me.

Strong winds at the beach yesterday, from the direction of the Saraha, sent sand flying across the dunes just as Wife and I arrived. Most of it was landing in my contact lenses, so with my eyes shut she led me to the water. After 30 minutes the wind reversed direction and blew all the sand back, onto our beach blanket and then into the water. We, like most other people, gave up after a while. But that has been the only bad day here.

Adios, until Thursday (when we return home).

21 August 2006

Internet café = Russian mafia

Before this Huangyangtan thing started Wife and I had already chosen to go on a summer vacation somewhere. For some reason she didn't want to cancel our trip just so that both of my readers could follow this blog. So here we are on the island of Gran Canaria. Wife has granted me one hour in this nearby internet café, where my password to my blog has been picked up by a key logger and is already being used by the Russian mafia to make millions of dollars (though they should be commended for being able to accomplish something I will not).

Actually, from what I can tell there's not a whole lot new to report HYT-wise. It appears the GE forum post is being read at a rate of about 1200 times a day, which in my brief experience shows that there have been no new further mentions of the matter in any well-read blogs or news sites, a post-Digg equilibrium if you will.

So, readers 1 and 2, please check back in a few days when I get some more internet time.

Oh, Gran Canaria? The beach is really nice, flat with waves just big enough to make it exciting. When it cools down tonight we're going to go walking on the sand dunes again. Lots of fish dishes at our hotel, no schnitzel even if there are mostly Germans here.

16 August 2006

Mark Twain it is

Mr. Clemens won the reader poll by a slim margin of 1 vote. Thus Mr. Kiedis will stay in my bookshelf for the time being.

Good bye to both of my readers. See you in a few days on some virus-ridden PC in an internet café of ill repute.

15 August 2006

Schnitzel redux - Stats

Lisa E. from S.L.C., if you're still there toughing it out as a Found In China reader, we have something special for you; tonight's dinner! Dedicated to our most stalwart member, we fixed oven-baked schnitzel with "Schupfnudeln" (elongated gnocchi egg-noodle thingies which defy translation).


- Take five 3/8" thick slices of pork, bake them, together with some chopped onions, in Oven-Baked Schnitzel sauce mix from your local grocer
- Brown the schupfnudeln (don't ask me where you're going to get those in Salt Lake) in a pan of butter, alternating the burner dial from 3 to 4 to avoid scorching.
- Pour yourself a nice frosty glass of cloudy wheat beer (unless you are Wife, who gets Pilsner) (unless you are LDS, in which case you get ice water).
OK, between cooking and packing, I thought I'd share a few HYTBuzzStats with everyone, to get a sense for how news moves:
Google Earth forum
Number of reads of the forum post: 56,846
Average readers per hour when it's slow: 25
Average readers per hour at this particular moment (post-surge after being Digged): 210
Maximum readers per hour: 935 (brief surge after Der Spiegel wrote a short piece on Huangyangtan)#
Number of Area 51 experts who don't like Huangyangtan being associated with their turf: lots
Number of blogs mentioning Huangyangtan: anywhere from 50 to 330, depending on which day you ask it. No longer seems 100% reliable
Views of that sorry video I made: roughly 13,000 (YouTube is down for maintenance at this moment)
Google Search
Results on "Huangyangtan": anywhere from 24,600 to 38,900, depending on when you search
This blog
3,686 reads (= 1,842 x both of my readers + 2 reads by Lisa E., the only person publicly admitting to it)
But, in the end, I could care less about the totals and how high they are. It's observing the periods of acceleration and deceleration and their causes which are interesting.

Digg undugg

Thanks, Anonymous, for the info regarding the effect of being dugg.

Reader poll!

I'm getting my suitcase ready for our trip and have discovered that the empty space I had reserved for reading material is now occupied by the 5-meter inflatable plastic dolphin Wife packs each year and has subsequently been ignored by Daughter in several beautiful sunny locations throughout Europe. There's room for only 1 more book, so you, Readers 1 and 2, plus a tiebreaker visitor, will decide what I take.

Already tucked away is John Steinbeck's "The Log from the Sea of Cortez" and two back issues of New Scientist. Your job is to submit a comment, voting for either

- A: Scar Tissue, the autobiography of Anthony Kiedis (frontman of the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
- B: Roughing It, by Mark Twain (his adventures while roaming the American West as far as Hawaii

I will announce the results at 3:00 a.m. CET before I zip up my bag. Note that both books are roughly the same weight and size, so as not to sway your decision.

Digg news

Thanks to Anonymous for the heads-up on Huangyangtan appearing on Digg's radar. Now, as a total newbie, what significance does Digg have in the blog world? It's obviously important in one way or another, but what impact does it have to get Digged? Perhaps another temporary surge in interest (which is what is going on right now)?

Looking forward to your input.

p.s. Obviously Wife is letting me work on this as we pack our suitcases

Found in China - 25th anniversary!

The Found in China blog has been going strong now for 25 whole days. Yessiree, I remember ye olde times of olden lore (or whatever) when this blog was so small I could hold it in my cupped hand. My, how it has grown since then: heatwaves, near-misses by Chinese jets, Deafening Neighbor Children, guppies, and our newest literary element, schnitzel. Yes, I and both my readers have seen it all.

Why do I wax sentimental on this particular occasion? Because Wife, Daughter and I are going on vacation before school starts again, and already I can't sleep from worrying about whether we'll sleep through multiple alarm clocks and miss our flight early Wednesday morning. So I'll use this time to make a few general observations about the Huangyangtan experience, which is what this blog was supposed to be for anywho. And I won't be providing updates as frequently for the next couple of weeks, so I owe both of you this entry.

From an operations viewpoint I think I've done an OK job at running the ship. It was never intended that I maintain an hour-by-hour service here, but I think I've provided an adequate number of updates to keep things fresh and to distract Readers 1 and 2 from their real duties at work. A small number of user comments were received, none of which I had to reject as far as I remember and got published fairly quickly. A couple of times I found that information I had posted was not accurate, but I believe I got the worst thereof corrected.

I realize now that I have never really said anything about my 15 minutes of fame which others claim I seem to have achieved. Well, it's been fun in a way, but a thousand other things have happened in the real world during the past weeks which were degrees more significant than this. To put things into perspective, at ABC's list of most emailed articles, the Huangyangtan news beat the story of the dog who chewed up Elvis' teddy bear (at the Elvis museum, I think it was), but trailed behind some woman who bakes cookies on her car's dashboard. Add to that the various wars that have started or continued during these weeks, another near-miss by a planet-pulverizing asteroid (at least that's how they described it in Czech Television CT1 last night, but I don't speak Czech very well, maybe it was a commercial for Armageddon), troop movements in the Kodori Gorge of Georgia and its breakaway republic of Abkhazia, poverty, teenagers, etc., and pretty soon it becomes clear that one should not take his 15 minutes of fame too seriously. Instead I should be thankful that I am alive and healthy.

What would I do differently?
  1. Collate a list Huangyangtan news or where it has been discussed to see how far this disease has spread. I'll tackle that when I get back.
  2. Try to make sense of the AdSense algorithms. At first the ads that showed up had something to do with the subjects mentioned in my post. Nowadays I think the system has given up trying to find a connection between "Huangyangtan," "blokes" and "pony" and simply defaults to advertising AdSense itself (I can just see the data center guys in Mountain View saying, "That's the third AdSense server to burn out this week. Let's look at the logs and see if they got stuck in an infinite loop somewhere").
  3. Don't get grounded. Except for yesterday, when she let me work on this more than usual because Stephen called and Wife absolutely adores Australia, where she worked for a few months once, I'm permitted to monitor the HYT thing (Found In China's internal code name) only in the morning while I sit at her notebook and have breakfast (keen readers will recall that my computer is our bedroom, where Wife is asleep) (Lisa E., breakfast this morning consists of cream cheese on toast with ginger jelly, I can send you the recipe if you want).

So, I probably won't post again for the next few days. If you're new to the blog I hope you didn't start here: you need to go the bottom-most post in the July archive. And, dear readers, as always, don't be afraid to crash PayPal's servers with your RAM-upgrade contributions to FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com.

Attention literary critics: this notebook has a Czech keyboard and I can't find the semicolon. Sorry about my overuse of the colon.

14 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Schnitzel history

Sun Bin, the schnitzel is history. I ate it. Daughter and I washed the dishes afterwards, put a post on her own blog*, then finished up by reading another chapter from "These Happy Golden Years", the eighth book in the Little House on the Prairie series (we read the part where Mary comes home to De Smet to visit after her first year of college for the blind).

Lisa E., one of my long-term readers (long-term is relative for this blog; she's been a fan for roughly 1 hour 5 minutes) asked about Wife's schnitzel recipe. Here you go, compliments of FoundInChina:

- Go to the freezer, pull out three frozen hunks of pre-breaded schnitzel obtained previously from your local Aldi supermarket.
- Put them in a pan in a pool of cooking oil, at a temperature somewhere between Barely Warm and Scorch (3 or 4 on our old stove's dial, 3 being not enough and 4 leading consistently to burnt dinners)
- Peel a bunch of potatoes, boil them for however long it takes.

I bit complicated I know, but well worth the effort. If you're ever in our undisclosed location, Lisa E., feel free to grab some chives from our balcony to garnish the potatoes; I don't know whether they have any there in Salt Lake City.

* Oh, yeah, Daughter's blog. She got her first contribution today, from a kindly reader. Along with a PayPal donation from her grandparents (Yo! A big shout out to S & J) Daughter has now exceeded FoundInChina's income. Perhaps I should convert my approach to "Save The Wild Ponies of Huangyangtan".

Jon, from the S.F. Gate, wrote back a short message to me that he enjoyed writing today's column. I hope he checks back here sometime; there's a free schnitzel recipe.

Hmm, looking at the above I think it would be better if I just call it a day. Gute Nacht, liebe Leser.

Huangyangtan - Schitzel and history

Sun Bin, thanks for your comment (I just published it). I'm not 100% sure what post it belongs to, but Wife has got wienerschnitzel and potatoes on the table and I'm going to have it dumped in my lap soon if I don't get over there.

I'd like to ask you to share your info in the Google Earth forum if you can. I'd rather have facts and new data published there for everyone to analyze. Especially because what you found differs from the previous discussion of the history of Aksai Chin. This blog is mostly just commentary about, what, the buzz.

-- KenGrok

Australians posing as Texans - Pony alert

Hmm, a certain Gary claiming to be not Australian but rather Texan (I'll let both of my readers decide on that), has brought to my attention a recent article in the San Francisco Gate; refer to his comment about 2 posts down from here. No, no hard facts presented here. It's a commentary on how news makes the round. Jon even writes about me. Thanks Jon, for not slaughtering KenGrok.

Pony Alert - Daughter has been observing the minor hoopla (sp?) around the Huangyangtan news. I have been using it as an educational experience for her, introducing her to how forums work, what purpose blogs serve and how they differ from mainstream media, etc. We've spoken about online advertising and click rates. And more importantly, about business models. Stephen in the SMH mentioned, at the very end of his "I Discovered KenGrok" article that my daughter has been motivated by my success at attracting contributions (now I'm really ROTFLOL) to set up her own blog. So we did it, rather than me stalling with "Well, wait a minute, first you have to think about A, then B, then you have to do this an that, and so forth an so on" : http://nataliespony.blogspot.com/.

Anybody looking at said blog is going to say to themselves "Geez, this idea looks like it was cooked up by a 10-year old!". The answer to that is, "Yes." Yes, dear reader, 10-year old Natalie is going to discover that though only a few drunks might be willing to help placate my wife, even fewer are going to PayPal one of 40 kazillion pony-loving little girls enough cash to buy her dream horse (much less get a pair of riding boots). So over the next couple of years we'll fine tune that blog to the point that the a few donations will, in fact, roll in, during which time she will have done enough odd jobs for neighbors (plus woven enough oriental carpets at the loom I'll set up for her) to pay for the horse herself. But she will have learned a lot, too, about the web.

Dankeschön to all the blokes in Australia

A big thanks to Anonymous, MrLefty, Anonymous, Anonymous, Benjol, Matthew and Monte for letting me know where the new surge of interest is coming from. Looks like many from you are from Australia. Remember that heat wave in Germany that I wrote about during my first posts? It's now cloudy, rainy and 15 / 59 F here. And when we spoke briefly about the weather, Stephen sounded somewhat disappointed that it was "only" 21 C there, during your winter.

Huangyangtan - Ominous phone calls

Stephen from the Sydney Morning Herald emailed me and asked if I'd agree to have a chat with him. We spoke earlier today. I have liked his approach to the Huangyangtan news, and in real life he seems like quite a nice guy to boot. We had a rather normal conversation (though the psychologist sitting beside the speaker was perhaps holding up his notepad with "Certified nutjob" scrawled on it for Stephen to see). Afterward I visited the SMH site and saw a new article Stephen had written a few days ago (again, very nice), which ends with a link to where a write-up of our phone call will be found in the near future. In the meantime he invites readers have a look at this blog.

In a way I feel a bit guilty about that mention. If you got to my blog from the SMH, please be sure to check out the Google Earth forum first (add any information or analysis you happen to have about the facility), and any other site which is discussing the Huangyangtan replica. Then come back here, at which point the best place to start is at the very first post in the July archive section. My blog doesn't contain any real information about the finding. It's simply a commentary on the discussions about it.

But to both of my "Stammleser" (devoted readers), please continue to check back here regularily, in particular for more Guppy and Noisy Family news.

Huangyangtan - Not completely dead yet

I noticed that at this very moment there is a minor surge in the number of people looking into this Huangyangtan thing. If any of you readers are here for the first time, please let me know in a comment where you came from (where you read about the replica landscape), perhaps from a mainstream media site.

-- KenGrok

p.s. Daughter's guppies are still alive, but we have to change the water today. The Noisy Children are up and outside early (7:30 a.m.). It sounds like they have the Doberman cornered.

12 August 2006

First flame

Anonymous left a comment in the previous post that deserves a response. He or she has focused on an element of my blog, namely my suggestion that readers PayPal contributions to "the cause". I agree that Anonymous is correct on this point; hardly anybody is going to do it. My chances of success would probably be only slightly higher even if, hypothetically, the blog existed to publicize the costs associated with sweet Daughter's battle against life-threatening leukemia (no, don't panic, sweet Daughter doesn't have leukemia, only guppies). That's how things go.

I set up this blog as my post in the Google Earth forum leaked into the blogosphere and then into mainstream media. It is, as a reminder, my running commentary on the news about the post. Along with sparse, clumpy bits of very dry humor. A secondary reason for the blog (my first) is to see what running a blog is all about (i.e. practice). And another function (though not necessarily the third on the list); to satisfy Wife's requirement that the massive time I spend in Google Earth is productive somehow. Hence the donation request. I guess the dry humor of the blog has been so absolutely dry that it can appear that the donation request is the primary goal. Maybe I'll try to ease up a bit on that, and in the future preface it with "WTF OMG IF UR DRUNK S3ND M3 $$FRANKLINZ$$ ROTFLOL". Perhaps the few people who have chosen to make a wife-placating donation were, indeed, drunk. Or saw themselves in a similar situation. Or both.

And though Anonymous doesn't state it directly, I will point out that I was certainly not the first person to run across that landscape replica. With millions of people (I believe) using GE, I'm sure at least hundreds of people noticed it before I did. After weeks of running across strange things in China I was finally motivated enough to post it in the forum and ask for opinions.

So, all in all, I agree with Anonymous on pretty much everything he says, though from a different viewpoint. But apparently he is a fellow GE user and where he has reduced me to tears is suggestion that I am not, in fact, an OK guy who likes GE as much as the rest of you / us. I love GE. Read my very first post; GE is simply an extension of my life-long interest in the physical and human geography of our planet. It's always nice to run into people in the real world

So, Anonymous, I think we can be friends. Please don't take this blog too seriously.

10 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Slowing down

It appears the Huangyangtan thing has been slowing down for a while now. All the measurements I take show that, well, perhaps everyone who is interested in this has heard of it by now. Before it dies out completely, don't forget about those PayPal contributions to FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com; the RAM upgrade is not quite paid for and Wife wants some results!

A couple of things I have learned while monitoring the news:

  1. Google Search Results -- When searching on "Huangyangtan" the results vary. At one point a high of 38,900 results came back. Today it stands at 28,900. The number fluctuates on about a 24-hour basis, usually going down a bit if it has gone up a significant amount. I'm guessing the Google database consolidates its finds overnight.
  2. Technorati -- Searching here shows the number of blogs that contain the word Huangyangtan. Twice the total has gone up to past 300, after which Technorati would suddenly report the next day that less than 200 blogs mentioned it. Both times it happened overnight between a Saturday and Sunday. I'm guessing that Technorati moves the time period it considers.
  3. Adsense ads - You have to accumulate a lot of visitors in order to get some clicks, at least here at this blog. Since I don't have any numbers for comparison, perhaps I'm even more successful than others and just don't realize it. It is common knowledge you have to have a lot of foot traffic just to get a few hits.

Other NewsBites:

  • The guppies are still alive.
  • The Noisy Family children are still alive, despite the apparent murder attempts by either or both of the children and/or by the Doberman.

08 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Correction + photo

One of my blog readers (Soumya) as well as one of my Google Earth forum colleagues have replied that the statement in the Indian Express article is from the Indian army, not the Chinese. That appears to be correct; thank you for pointing that out. The overly diplomatic quote led me to think it was from the Chinese side.

At a Chinese site someone has posted a photo that appears to be from an exercise at the Huangyangtan site. Does anyone read Chinese well enought to say what it's about?

Lastly, Daughter's fish are doing quite well, and based on their swimming motions it appears they are not dead.

07 August 2006

Huangyangtan - News in India

There was an interesting article in the Indian Express, dated 5 August, that was not simply a repeat of another source's news. The paper actually contacted the Chinese Army about the replica. I recommend reading the article (though a couple of pop-ups will probably make it through your browser, they seem to be OK and that's also fairly normal for an Indian news site).


05 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Turkey time!

Thanks for the heads-up from ChickenSwitch, a Google Earth forum member here in Germany; the Huangyangtan news was in Hurriyet, the Turkish news source. It was online, I don't know if was in the print version (the newspaper). Did any of my Turk readers see it there, too? My Turkish, like my Croatian, is a bit rusty. The report appears to be based on the ABC article, though it appears to throw in some extra things, which I recognize by the words "Big Ben" and "KGB". Hmm, I wonder if they know more than the rest of us.

Our friends from Munich are back home now, we have a new visitor who will hopefully stay longer; Daughter had us set her up with a fishbowl and two guppies. We spoke for months about the need for a full-blown aquarium with filters, heaters, etc. But she didn't want that, and Wife said she had a simple fishbowl when she was young and the Betta splendors survived four years of that. So I was outvoted, even if this will turn my daughter into a FISH MURDERER.

03 August 2006

Huangyangtan - Update before I go to bed

A big thanks to Kevin for his PayPal contribution!

An additional 3,100 people have watched the Huangyangtan video in the past 1 hour 10 minutes. Now I'm really embarassed about it. Does anyone have any experience with asking their Wife to approve the purchase of the software needed (Google Earth Pro + Movie Making Module) to make videos directly in Google Earth? I didn't think so.

Huangyangtan - Huffington and ABC

Thanks for the feedback, david dark, Cracked.Actor, and 3 x Anonymous. I liked the ABC article; they got a number of knowledgeable people to give their analysis on the Huangyangtan site.

In the past 3 hours, roughly the time between when Wife told me to make a salad and garlic bread to go with dinner (we have some friends from Munich staying with us) and washing up afterwards, roughly 3000 people viewed the YouTube video. Man, I wish the clip wasn't so lousy. People are probably saying, "That KenGrok knows how to find stuff in China, but he sure makes low-quality movies". Well, it's true. The compression is the main problem.

Oh, dear reader, please don't forget; Wife thinks I should should be doing something constructive rather than sitting here at the computer. Don't forget to make your PayPal donation to FeedMyGEHabit@yahoo.com, so that she and other Wives around the world will agree that sitting at a computer is doing something constructive.

Huangyangtan - Loss of memory

Sorry I haven't written for a few days. Wife and daughter returned from visiting relatives, and they've been keeping me pretty busy.

Daughter has asked all about the Huangyangtan mystery, Wife hasn't mentioned it since she came back. I did sell the RAM (2 x 512 MB) that I took out to install the 2 GB, so the total cost of the memory upgrade wasn't so bad (i.e. we won't starve to death as soon as Wife previously estimated). Of course I lost the chance to do a memory upgrade to any of the other computers around here. But, no, we won't starve.

I don't know why, but suddenly the YouTube video is getting many more views than in the past few days. I do wish it was better quality. I can't afford the $600 Google wants for the necessary software to do movies directly in Google Earth itself.

Whereas until now roughly 25 - 30 people daily have been viewing the short video , 1000 people have done so since I last checked at 12:00 today. The number of people reading the post in the Google Earth forum went up as well during that time (and in the process became the 10th-most read posting in the Military forum), though the increase was not as high as over at YouTube. Same goes for this blog. Thus, since I haven't seen the Huangyangtan mystery mentioned in the press or at some Internet news site, I conclude that the action is over at YouTube. Does anybody know why?